Brazil win in thriller

Brazil won it’s second game in Argentina. Brazil has booked a spot in the Semi Finals following a thrilling tiebreak win against Serbia.

Brazil – Serbia 3:2 (21:25, 25:22, 18:25, 25:20, 16:14)

The defending Champions were more decisive when it mattered but the young Serbs can hold their heads up high after coming so close to beating the best team in the world.

Unforced errors plagued both sides at the start of the match and Serbia took the iniative taking out the first set thanks to Sasa Starovic’s superb finishing and Bojan Janjics leadership.

Brazil was agitated and came into the second set firing. Led by the influential Giba, they ran out to a quick lead and broke the Serbs late on. Excellent defensive work set up star hitters Murilo and Vissotto who had no trouble in taking advantage of the great build up play. Serbia did get a few points back but Brazil managed to hold on and level the match 1:1.

Brazil got off to a 2:0 lead in the third set but Serbia played some exception volleyball and ran off to a 9:3 following a series of excellent points. Starovic and Podrascanin were excellent while Libero Rosic gave Serbia the opportunities to gain the huge break.

Giba and the Brazilians were shell-shocked as the young Serbs took out the set with ease, frustrating Brazil coach Bernardinho.

Serbia took Brazil to the wire but the young sides inexperience showed in the fourth set and the defending champions had no trouble in finding a three point advantage, breaking away to win the set by five.

The tie-break was another chapter in the Brazil v Serbia rivalry but once more the Brazilians would be victorious. Having taken an 11:8 lead, it was all going to plan for Bernardinho’s men but the young Serbs showed excellent determination and fought back to level the set at 11:11. It was point for point from their on with Brazil taking the advantage presented to them as Sidao won the match following two excellent plays.

It was a tough match, I believe we made more mistakes in the crucial moments particularly in the fifth set, six service errors are way too much in such a short period. We played with a lot of heart and our performance should be looked at by the excellent points we won, not the errors we made. We proved that we deserve to be in Finals but it’s a real shame we didn’t beat Brazil but there is one more game and we should put this loss behind us as soon as possible.” Serbia coach Igor Kolakovic said after the match.

Leandro Vissotto starred for Brazil with 20 points while Sasa Starovic was Serbia’s most prolific player with 16 points.

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