Brad Maddox Reveals What He Would Do Different If He Returned To WWE

Former WWE Superstar and RAW General Manager Brad Maddox recently appeared as a guest on The World According To Wrestling podcast.

During the interview, Maddox spoke about what he would do different if he were to get a second chance to work with WWE.

“If I had to do it again I would have gone to Vince from day one and said, ‘Hi. I’m Brad Maddox. Do you know who I am,'” said Maddox. “‘Do you know about my experience? Do you know I have been in your company for three years now and I’m a trained wrestler?'”

Maddox continued, “I would have communicated better and I would’ve taken my own career into my own hands instead of hoping or thinking that the writers were going to do my job for me.”

Check out the complete Brad Maddox interview from The World According To Wrestling podcast via iTunes.

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