Big Update On NXT Possibly Airing On FS1 After Smackdown Move, Latest On Additional WWE – FOX Shows

When WWE Smackdown officially moves to FOX Sports in October 2019, there has been talk of additional WWE programming airing on channels such as FS1 and FS2 when the new TV deal kicks in.

At one point, there were rumors that NXT might move to one of the FOX channels with the new TV deal, as it would make the most sense, from an exposure standpoint, for WWE to move the show off the Network and onto a FOX channel.

However, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, recent talks with WWE sources have revealed the company has no plans to move NXT to FOX as of now, and that WWE wants to keep NXT a Network-exclusive show.

What has been talked about, however, are pre and post-game shows which could air on FS1 before Smackdown on Friday nights and after WWE PPV events on Sunday nights. With FOX losing a significant amount of hours of programming due to the loss of UFC programming, it would make sense to fill those hours with shoulder programming from WWE, and Richard Dietsch reported earlier this week that there has also been talk of WWE doing some kind of in-studio show on Wednesday nights similar to the UFC Tonight show.

The Observer did point out that as of now, FOX says there are no announcements scheduled regarding new WWE programming other than Smackdown, and as far as any new in-ring shows are concerned, nothing is planned beyond the airing of Smackdown Live.

Source :

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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