Big E On Who Comes Up With New Day’s ‘Wacky Antics’, How the Group Overcame Being Initially Rejected By WWE Fans

WWE star Big E recently did five questions with The State Journal-Register, to promote the Smackdown Live event taking place in Springfield, IL on Sunday at the BOS Center, and below are some interview highlights:

On who comes up with New Day’s ‘wacky antics’ in WWE:

“Sometimes people think that there’s a planning process where we sit down and decide, “Hey in April we’re going to do this, and January we’re going to do this.” But … we try to make sure things are pretty organic. Like the pancakes started when … we had a lumberjack match (which consists of several wrestlers standing outside of the ring with the task of tossing competitors back inside the ring if they fall out or try to escape). … Woods was on the floor and decided to be the chief lumberjack, and of course a lumberjack has pancakes. So we thought that was funny (and) decided to keep the pancakes.

“… Sometimes it’s stuff we see on Twitter that we find amusing or that’s popular with young people, or whatever’s going on currently that’s funny that’s catching people’s interest. … We try to make sure things feel organic and they flow naturally.”

On how New Day was able to turn their popularity around after being initially rejected by WWE fans:

“To me, obviously, what swung things was us finally embracing the fact that the crowd didn’t like us. … The first time we really cheated (in a match) was instrumental because instead of trying to go against the grain and be these good guys that people didn’t like or didn’t care for, we finally decided to cheat … and it ended up working out really well for us.

“The real impetus for change was really just us being ourselves. Sometimes you’re saddled with an idea or a gimmick that doesn’t feel right. But you have to do your best to make it work. But when the reins were finally taken off and we were allowed to be ourselves and a little more creative control, that’s when things really took off for us.”

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The State Journal-Register

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