Backstage Rumor: Triple H is Getting Frustrated w/ Vince McMahon

According to backstage reports, there seems to be a growing friction between Triple H and Vince McMahon.
Wade Keller of Pro Wrestling Torch reports that Triple H is mainly frustrated at how the work that goes into creating and developing talents in NXT eventually goes to waste once those talents move up to the main roster. The big problem that Triple H faces is the fact that he knows there isn’t much that he or anyone can do as long as Vince McMahon is still around and in power.
There were people backstage that asked around regarding this situation, but no one was really willing to speak about this. It was stated though that Triple H being a professional doesn’t really seem to show any signs of frustration backstage.

There was a comment made that even if neither of them are showing any signs of friction or frustration, it is pretty clear that anyone in Triple H’s position would probably be unhappy by the way things are going.
Source: Pre Wrestling Torch

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