Backstage News On Antonio Cesaro's Standing In WWE, WWE Revenue Data

– The following is a breakdown of WWE’s revenue figures from around the world, courtesy of

74.4% from North America in April-June 2012 (up from 72.2% in April-June 2011)

17.1% from Europe, the Middle East and Africa in April-June 2012. (Down from 18.2%)

5.9% from Asia Pacific in April-June 2012. (Up from 5.8%)

2.6% from Latin America in April-June 2012. (Down from 3.7%)

– WWE currently spends around $820,000 for television taping, which is an increase from the $735,000 last year.

– WWE management is currently “on the fence” regarding Antonio Cesaro and his potential to be a big star for the company. Despite the fact that he is still a rookie, some people feel Cesaro has to make a big impact soon or he could be branded as a lower-card act – a reputation that is hard to shake with fans.

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