Another Former WWE Diva Headed To WrestleMania, JBL Invests In Developmental

— In a blog on her MySpace account (, former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson confirms reports of her being on hand for WrestleMania weekend in Houston.

“Well, we are on an official countdown to Wrestlemania in Houston!!!!,” Wilson wrote. “I am so excited to attend the Hall of Fame ceremony! My all time favorite wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin is being inducted!!!! ….well, second favorite after Miiiiitch from the Spirit Squad of course! It’s gonna be a grand ole’ time!”

Torrie also says she can’t wait to see her good friend Victoria again as she’ll be seeing her soon.

“My girl Victoria is going to be visiting me soon and I CANNOT wait to see her….I feel like I am goin through withdrawals!,” Wilson wrote. “She is coming to train MMA style at a gym in my area…maybe I will show her a thing or two and remind her who’s boss. Joke Joke!”

Torrie also says she’s physically feeling a lot better now as compared to before. Immediately following back surgery this past summer, she was unable to even run a mile. However, she can now do five mile runs again and hopes to run in a marathon sometime this year.

Wilson wrote: “After my back surgery last summer running has been a scary thought for me. I love running so much and have done marathons in the past and have been really depressed not being able to do what I love to do….too scared actually to even try to run a mile! ….I guess I was scared to face the fact that I couldn’t do what I did in the past & love to do so much. BUT….. I am back! I am up to 5 mile runs and am here to tell you that anything is possible! I feel great and maybe, just maybe, I will be running another marathon this year. This is my goal!!!! Now that I told you, I gotta do it.”

You can read her blog in its entirety at the following link.

— In a blog on the WWE Universe website, John Bradshaw Layfield announced that he is now sponsoring WWE’s former developmental promotion, Ohio Valley Wrestling.

“I am the sponsor of OVW, it is true,” Layfield wrote. “Danny Davis is my good friend and I hate to see anyone lose their dream. Danny has mortgaged his home to make this work; I mortgaged my home for Layfield Energy. I understand passion, I understand love. I believe in the American spirit, I believe that if you want to achieve, you can.”

The company was headed towards financial ruin due to a significant drop in income and the recent loss of its Saturday night timeslot on the CW affiliate out of Louisville, Kentucky . The company lost its affiliation with WWE last year, not to mention the lucrative Six Flags events for this coming summer, so all signs were pointing towards the worst.

To clarify, Layfield is not buying the company as he is merely taking over as its main sponsor and advertiser.

“I want to be clear about OVW, Danny Davis is the owner-I am not buying OVW nor any interest in OVW. Layfield Energy is merely taking over as his main sponsor and advertiser. I see an opportunity to advertise our products and grow our distribution in Kentucky,” Layfield wrote. “I wouldn’t have done this if it weren’t for Danny, but I think it is a good marketing vehicle for Layfield Energy. So I want to be clear, I am not in the wrestling business other than as a sponsor and that money will be able to keep OVW going on TV-which I am very happy and proud to do.”

On another note, JBL is once again promising to do something “historic” at WrestleMania.

“By the way, can I tell you-Wrestlemania, I am doing something historic,” Layfield wrote. “Write this down, put it in stone; I am doing something that will shock the world of wrestling. I am doing something that will change the WWE forever. Mark my words.”

Click here and here to read his blogs.

— WWE returns to the Macon Coliseum in Macon, Georgia on July 17th, 2009. Tickets go on sale May 30th, 2009 at 10 AM. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide. (Thanks to Devin Cutting)

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