Andrew Martin's Father Discusses Son's Passing, Debra Telling All, Armando Estrada

— This past Sunday, Andrew Martin’s father spoke with SLAM! Wrestling about his son’s death.

“He was putting a real fight up. He did that,” Bob Martin said. “He was here at Christmas, and he was just great and we had a great time. January, February, March, he phoned. We had great chats about a lot of things. He knew it was going to be a struggle with him forever but he was willing to do it.”

Last August, Martin entered the Hanley Center rehabilitation facility in West Palm Beach, Florida, for treatment. His several-week stay at the facility was paid for by his former employer, World Wrestling Entertainment. Martin said that he and his wife knew some of the battles their son was going through, but not all of them. “He kept a lot of it to himself, but we knew some of it,” he said. “That’s the way it is [in wrestling].”

Martin’s father added that no one knows the cause of death yet.

“There has been an autopsy. There was no trauma to his body, no one had tried to kill him or anything like that,” Martin said. “We don’t know what happened. I guess we’ll never know. He was actually going to France [Monday] to wrestle.”

The former WWE wrestler had been in touch with his family in recent months.

“We had been talking to him. His sister had been talking to him on Monday. Another friend sent him an e-mail on Tuesday,” his father said. “We were away at my daughter’s, and we came back. We had phoned him, but he hadn’t answered back. But that was just Tuesday we came home, and he hadn’t answered back. We thought he was maybe away with his friends or something like that. We never thought about it.”

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— will be conducting a shoot interview with former WWE Women’s Champion Debra later this week. This will be her first interview discussing the inner workings of wrestling as well as her career in wrestling since her departure from WWE in 2002.

— Former WWE Superstar Armando Estrada has posted a blog on his MySpace account discussing the opening of his new restaurant Baby’s Steak & Lemonade in Glendale, Arizona. The store opened it’s doors yesterday, but it was not easy.

“It has been a long 3 months with a few expected & unexpected bumps in the road, but we made it through the storm ok,” Estrada said. “I mean, the mental toll that the restaurant has taken on me in 10 weeks is far greater than the mental toll wrestling school took on me in the 2.5 yrs combined! The process of opening a restaurant was harder than training at Ohio Valley Wrestling & that’s no knock on OVW (Trust me, Rip Rogers kicked my culo! That means a$$) And now, the time has come. Showtime this Monday & I am beyond excited.”

Estrada will be wrestling his mentor and former trainer Al Snow at a Great Lakes Championship Wrestling show this Saturday in Milwaukee.

“On this night, I challenge my mentor & former trainer Al Snow for the GLCW Heavyweight title,” Estrada wrote. “I am looking forward to this opportunity as I’ve never had a chance to wrestle Al in the year I trained under him. He was a great instructor & I learned a lot from him, so this match is essentially the good-ole fashioned “Student vs Teacher” & I can’t wait. Personally, I think the reason Al never wrestled me in OVW is because he didn’t want me to show him up. You see, Al may be the crafty veteran or the wily old dog, but AAE is the young tiger w/ plenty of bones in his cave & by hook or by crook, I will take his title on the 21st of March!”

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