Alonso will never look back with regret on Ferrari

Despite a three-year uphill battle with McLaren, Fernando Alonso still doesn’t have any regrets about leaving Ferrari at the end of 2014.

The Scuderia did not enjoy a particularly prosperous time after the Spaniard left and was replaced by Sebastian Vettel.

But it’s track record still exceeded the dismal state of affairs endured by McLaren since 2015, and Vettel leads the world championship today as a resurgence at Maranello takes hold.

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Alonso won’t dwell on past decisions however, admitting the subject is even one which tires him.

“I think if Ferrari wins 20 years in a row or if I’m 75 years old, I will still be asked this question,” Alonso said at Sochi.

“My contract with Ferrari would have ended in 2016 anyway and yes I would like to be more competitive now but I still think I made a good decision,” he insisted.

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Alonso pointed to the fact that in hindsight his failure to secure the world title over a long period would have inevitably led to his departure anyway.

“There was a lot of pressure when Ferrari didn’t win the title in the first, second and third years, and that was fine, but it would not have been in the seventh year,” Alonso added.

“So despite the results, my life was better in the last two years.”

“I have seen magazines saying my talent is wasted but I am very happy with my career,” the 35-year-old continued.

“Let’s see what the future brings, but I’m happy with what I have done.”

Alonso will get a change of scenery next month when he heads to the Indy 500. Hopefully, it will be a decision he won’t regret.

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