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During last week’s episode of Raw, Alicia Fox made her return to television and lost to Becky Lynch. Fox’s Raw return last week marked the first time that she appeared in the show in months. It had previously been reported that Fox was advised to go to rehab due to substance abuse issues. Since Alicia Fox was not on Raw last night, fans were concerned for the longtime WWE Superstar. According to PWInsider, Fox was backstage but just simply wasn’t used on the show last night. However, she did team up with Tamina to face WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The IIconics for Main Event, which was taped before Raw officially began. There is no word yet on when WWE plans on bringing Fox back to television once again.
WWE appears to be on the hunt for new additions to their creative team. PWInsider reports that the company is looking to hire new members for their writing team and live events team. More team members have also apparently just been added. Earlier this year, WWE hired Bruce Prichard, Dana Warrior, Jeff Jarrett, and former TV writers Andrea Kail and Michael James Nelson. However, Jules Rice and Stefanie Stephens are part of WWE as live event managers, and Steve Corino helps with the creative for live events now. Rice worked as a marketing manager for the Houston Sports Authority previously, and Stephens worked for Cricket Wireless and was once a marketing manager for Cirque du Soleil.
Brian Cage was able to defeat Johnny Impact for the Impact World Championship during Impact Wrestling’s Rebellion pay-per-view this past weekend. The win marks the start of Cage’s first reign as champion of the promotion. However, there is some speculation that Cage’s reign may be cut short since he was injured and taken a nearby hospital after the match. Cage has taken to Instagram to explain when the injury occurred and how he decided to fight through the pain in order to face Impact and win the title. He talked about what a big moment the championship win was for him. Cage is still in the hospital right now recovering from his injuries. Expect a decision to be made over Cage’s world title reign within the next few days.

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This is the picture I wanted to post, not me in a hospital bed. Slammiversary last year(in this very same building)I posted a very true/ heartfelt post. 1 feeling accomplished to have won a major title in a major company. And after 5 months of building anticipation, and everything going into it, I knew this was going to be my night. April 28th, 2019 was going to be the first time I have ever been a legit world champion. To finally be the guy a company wants to invest in and see heading the front line. I’ve been ready, willing and able for quite a while now, and have been asked so many times why nobody has ever pulled the trigger? IDK, but @impactwrestling finally was. Better late than never, and I couldn’t wait for last Sunday. I couldn’t wait to tear the roof off with @johnhennigan and steal the show. I knew we had something special heading into it and both couldn’t wait to show the world. Getting to stand tall after with that first time feeling, jumping into the crowd, overjoyed with emotion and knowing I deserve this and finally its happen. Getting to go backstage to rejoice with my peers and share that moment of happy tears with my fiance @melissasantosofficial and know this is my time. Doesn’t matter what people think about our business, that moment is very real. At least it is to me and has been since I was 10 years old, but that’s not how it happened. After a hot start, John would end up giving me a Spanish fly off the stage and onto the floor. Instantly my back lit up and my right leg went numb. I was terrified. And as feeling came back I hoped the pain would subside. After pushing through and trying to force it, I knew it wasn’t going away. The amount of pain I was in was unbearable. And the feeling of not having strength or ability to move was disheartening, terrifying and emotionally devastating. I lied there looking up off the mat, telling myself “this is it Brian, this is suppose your night. Everything you’ve worked for” I pushed through the pain to do what I could and make it happen. It’s not what or how I wanted and I knew my momentous occasion would be a let down. I wanted tears of joy, not tears of pain and what now.
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